"I loved my experience..." 

Testimonials from clients...

I love Tammy Pate.  I met her about 14 years ago at a clinic.  I knew immediately that I wanted to get to know her.  Her sweetness and beauty beamed around her. At the time, I had horses but knew I needed to know more.  I went to the right place.  Tammy made me feel that I was important to her and was  so wonderful about encouraging me.  Her knowledge of horses is extensive and her feel for her students is amazing.  The integration of yoga and horsemanship is amazing.  In yoga I have become more aware of my body, balance and flexibility.  This has made me so much more aware of my movements on the horse and the horse's movements.  I have come away from each clinic knowing more and wanting to know more.  I am an older rider and I do not have much confidence in my ability.  Tammy has done so much to give me confidence and the courage to learn new things.

Because of Tammy, I can continue to do what I love to do most;  RIDE.

Mary Hopkins

The cowgirl spirit is something else, we feel it in ourselves, the definition of being in the moment when we need to but always having to be in someones else's moment so we forget where we want to be. That can last a long time.

Still, it's always there if we look for it. Those times can be as simple as the sodden walking around in the muck around the horses on a rainy day or as elemental as racing across the mesa towards the thunder a the lightning in the clouds.

They're the same things in the moment. Look down at the flowers, look up and they're still there. There are always flowers.

That's Tammy Pate.

~ Erin Bentley



Women’s Horsemanship and Yoga with Tammy Pate

I have participated in horsemanship and yoga clinics with Tammy in Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois, Kentucky, Montana, Hawaii, Costa Rica and I am now looking forward to the Gang Ranch, British Columbia trip.
You can be sure of attention to detail in all areas of the trips and clinics. Tiny changes can be huge in both horsemanship and yoga. Top quality horses, equipment, transportation, lodging and food are her goals.

Tammy takes a personal interest in each participant. She is always willing to listen to concerns and desires and to work out adaptations for individual needs and preference.

One of her goals is for each and every participant to be comfortable and happy with the activities but she also encourages stretching the envelope in the leaning process. Have you tried this? Have you tried it this way? 

She is always thinking to offer a wide variety of interesting activities from line dancing to rodeo to horse rescue including a visit to a large animal veterinary  hospital . There are also drives to see the scenic sights near the clinic home base and of course ladies like to shop. Buckaroo Business in Billings is my personal favorite.  You never know what special treats she might come up with but they will always be fun.

If you choose to join one of her adventures I think you will be very glad you did. 

Judy Levi